Sound Ideas

Sometimes songs slide out of nowhere as lyrics and melody. It sounds simple and easy, but actually I find them difficult to work with. It’s like having an out of control kite that keeps flitting around and occasionally diving and hitting you in the face. I need to grab the kite to modify it, but how do I do it when I don’t have the kite string in my hands? I often find it helpful to force together images relating to ideas, preferably in odd ways so that they merge into something large, funny and easy to remember. There’s a song I want to work on currently called Take Out Time, and these are the sort of images that I connect to it.

Images courtesy of Victor Habbick, nuttakit, Cnaene, franky242, dan, Aleksa D, Vlado, Tina Phillips, Serge Bertasius Photography & Salvatore Vuono at